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We are the Resist Line 3 Media Collective, we share movement-wide updates on these platforms:

When you share media you’ve made on behalf of the Line 3 movement, please use the hashtag #StopLine3! If you want us to share your work on the Resist Line 3 social media accounts, please message us directly on Instagram and Twitter.

Resources for journalists

Are you a writer or reporter looking to cover stories about the movement to stop Line 3? Email us at media@resistline3.org with questions or to be connected with spokespeople!

Are you an independent media maker interested in spending time on the frontlines? Here are some guidelines and resources from the movement to help you get started.*

Resources for defendants

Letters to the Editor Guide: A guide to support defendants in telling their stories and through writing Letters to the Editor.

Defendant Storytelling: This project is an effort to humanize the many faces of Line 3 defendants. Your experience will be used to create a social media spotlight to draw attention to the experience and continuing needs of the hundreds of Line 3 defendants. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form!

Looking for usable media from the movement? Here is…

* These resources are not exhaustive! Please, take it upon yourself to think deeply about positionality and security practices before you enter into Line 3 resistance spaces. Please approach this work relationally; ask folks on the ground what they want from media makers, and ask how you can support the requests of Indigenous leadership.

** If you’d like to share photos you’ve taken to our collection, feel free to add them! Please follow the guidelines in the README doc in our photos folder to be credited. 

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