Shared Goals 

  • Stop this stupid pipeline 
  • Promote the work of independent media makers 

Systems Flow 

  • Form to fill out? With contact info, accounts/platforms, etc as way to plug into signal thread 
  • WWPC can direct all media inequities they receive to our systems (also could work with honor, 350 and similar)
  • Tag Resist Line 3 on Instagram and twitter and we can help share your work 
  • For sharing photos with the movement– Link to our photo drive which no one uses? Honor’s drive?


  • Signal thread for all 
  • Signal boost system for actions? Needs vetting? 

Digital Security Protocols 

Logistic Information 

  • Where to stay (can stay with electricity at WWPC)
  • Where the camps are 
  • What to bring to the frontlines 
    • Things specific to media (wifi hotspot? Power outlets?)


To Do:

  • Create digital resources (website? Zine things?)
  • Draft systems flow and propose meeting structure
  • People with nice cameras up north trackdown. And where is their footage going? 

Other media collective thoughts:

  • Reorganizing to Steering/organizing 9am (send delegate) 
  • 11am updates
  • Make production team meeting be the organizing meeting for up north people? 
  • Production company vs coordination

People buckets:

  • Indy media makers
  • Photographers/videographers
  • Journalists 
  • Editors?